Application of Technology in the Workplace CRM implementation (2005)

As the Executive Director of I managed the implementation of as the organization's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for tracking hosting and design clients, web design volunteers, donors and potential donors.'s SAAS platform replaced a system which consisted of various computer-based (Excel and Access) and manual components. I was responsible for implementation within the organization and conducting informal training sessions for fellow employees.

VolunteerMatch web designer recruitment (2005)
Application: VolunteerMatch story VolunteerMatch profile

While working at I developed a web-based volunteer recruitment system to locate web designers for our web hosting clients using VolunteerMatch. These organizations often had little technical skills within their organization as well as little time and money and required low-cost (free) assistance to develop their web presence. I managed and marketed the volunteer program to new and existing clients. My work resulted in two presentations at national conferences for HUD's Neighborhood Networks program on the topic of basic web development tools and techniques. I was also profiled on the VolunteerMatch web site and featured in a online story about volunteerism. web site (2005)
Application: BrowserCMS
Screen Interview (see March 6, 2006)

While Executive Director of I participated in the development, testing and implementation of the organization's new web site. The previous site, which was hand-coded did contain several CMS components, but was limited in features. The new web site that was developed was built on BrowserCMS, a commercial application developed by our partner, BrowserMedia. The new site had a more modern look and the setup allowed the site to be easily maintained by users without requiring advanced technical skills. My work included developing specifications for the site and testing in the alpha and beta stages.


Summit County Historical Society

Summit County Historical Society web site (2004)
Application: Dreamweaver
Web Site (see binder)

As a primary activity for my field experience, I redesigned the web site of the Summit County Historical Society to better meet the organization's needs of informing the public. The site replaced one with minimal features and outdated information. While the site's appearance was greatly improved, the accompanying documentation and training will allow the organization's employees to keep information current. (See Field Experience binder for screen shots.)

Application in the Workplace: Developed the web site which gave the organization a more informative site and promotional tool for their user (visitors, donors, schools).

UA IT Master's Program

University of Akron - IT Master's Program web site (2004)
Application: Dreamweaver
Web Site (archived)

I was the web designer for a four person project that redesigned the web site for the University of Akron's Instructional Technology Master's Program. As a project for the Instructional Design class the project served as a way to better inform current, potential, and past students of the program.


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