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Autism Ahead web site (2007)
Application: WordPress
Web Site

While working at Monarch Teaching Technologies (MTT), a startup company funded by the Monarch School of Autism, the president wanted to publish a blog/web site that highlighted technology applications within the autism world. As editor/publisher/designer I located and summarized relevant news articles for the site. Though I no longer work at MTT I continue to maintain

Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run online registration (2006)
Web Site

One crucial aspect of race management in today's individual sports environment is the ability to provide online event registration in addition to traditional, registration by U.S. Mail. While there are several alternative means to provide online registration, including competitive providers, the leading tool for road and trail running events is As race director I chose the web-based platform because it provides simple registration for users, is easy to setup (through a series of data entry steps which I performed) and provides comprehensive reporting features and quick payment to the event organizers. It also allows customization such as the addition of graphics, custom pricing (fees paid by the entrant, event, or split between the two), a variable fee schedule based on the registration date. I am currently using for registration for the 2008 Burning River 100.



National City Bank National City Bank web course development (2007)
Applications: Lectora, Captivate, Fireworks
Sample Screens: Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4

As a contractor with Radcom, Inc, a Hudson-based training and consulting company, I recently completed the design and development of two internal online sales training courses for National City Bank. My design and development work included a review of existing content, designing and revising storyboards , the development of additional graphic elements, and the programming of the courses using Lectora 2006. The courses, which were implemented by National City on their Saba LMS and included text, audio and multimedia components. (2002)
Application: Flash
Web Site (archived)

This is a web site of local higher education institutions that was designed for Flash course. The site was develope to serve as a directory of information with links to the institution web sites and application materials. Demo Demo (2002)
Application: Director

As one project for the Visual Literacy course I developed a basic tutorial on the use of Q Methodology for the general public. The tutorial was created in the Macromedia Director course and utilized several of the product features introduced during the class

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